Rathbone's Racecar

John's Racecar Turbo Cars are few and far, but the Year 2000 has produced an outstanding example. Over 4 years of pains taking commitment, has produced a"sweet" and "neat" Turbo Beetle. The sort of car that dreams are made of. Dogged commitment and the will to carry on has produced a superb racecar. John Rathbone, a 29 year old welder from Stoke on Trent has put together a Pro Turbo Beetle that shouts out attention to detail. Check out any part, from door hinges to ladder bars, Johns car has detail. Hopefully we'll have a full rundown. Here are, just a couple of pictures to "whet" your appetite.

Turbo Motor with water cooled heads
John Rathbone


9.58 - 140mph - Click for more info

10.20 - 135mph - Click for more info
Bug Eyed

Bug Catcher - Click for more info
Bug Catcher

Golf Trolley - Click for more info
Golf Trolley

9.99 - 130mph - Click for more info
Big Dave

Little Red Rooster - Click for more info
Little Red

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