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Big Dave & Dad waiting to run at Spa Dave's racecar is based on a modified 250 national chassis. It has an GSXR 1100 motor with nitrous oxide injection and air shifted gearing. The racecar is very well finished, which is difficult with such a small car as there is little room to put anything. Modules onboard include: a progressive nitrous controller and a two step, soft touch, RPM limiter, (gives separate startline and high speed RPM control). Dave's victorys to date include winning the beer holding competition in Spa. He also won the special class. The car has run 1.05 sec E.T. in the 60ft. Dave's been driving Karts a long time but this one's a bit different. Don't miss it!

Dave at GTi Fest after running 9.99 sec e.t. News just in from Kelly (Dave's partner in crime); The racecar was at the track recently and improved on its previous elapsed time. The nitrous system which had previously only been used at the fast end of the track was tried for the first time from the startline. To Dave's suprise the short wheel based racecar pulled a 2 foot wheelie. Even though the car was not under full control Dave managed a 1.05 second 60 foot, and a 10.20 second 1/4 mile. Dave is now back at the drawing board designing a set of wheelie bars. (Who ever heard of a kart with wheelie bars).

Dave was at the Bug Jam at the weekend and ran a 9.27 second 1/4 mile at 133mph, with a 5.68 second, 660ft.   23/07/2000

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Bug Eyed

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