Golf Trolley

Golf Trolley's Engine Deptartment "The Golf Trolley is a GP mk1 swb buggy on a super trick chassis (cut n shut), ball joint 1300 front and IRS 1303 rear with 13" missing from the middle. It has an 11 point roll cage made from 1 5/8 CDS, rear frame horns cut out and replaced with 1 5/8 CDS tubing, to fit the stock Type2 gearbox...with diesel Type25 bellhousing. This allows the Golf 16 valve engine (with diesel T25 flywheel and Audi 80 clutch) to be bolted together without an adapter plate. The driveshafts were shortend by Dax (them who make Cobras). The turbo is a Garrett T3 with a Cossie 4x4 compresser wheel and montego exhuast wheel and housing, Cossie actuater running from15psi (normal) to 30psi on a steering wheel button (electric air bleed). The enginge is cooled, the rad lays above the gearbox, above that is a fan, above that is the intercooler, so cool air is sucked through the intercooler then blown through the radiator. The rear torsion bars are the BIG bugpack ones with adjustable spring plates. The car weighs 1400lb (without me in it), and it has run 13.20 @ 98.76mph...with a 2 1/2 foot wheelie...and cost about a grand to build !! The power to wallet ratio is about 185bhp per £1000. I don't have any plans on fitting wheelie its fun without them..."  Kevo

Golf Trolley at the Pod
Photo courtesy of Alex Leighton
Drag racing is all about ingenuity, Kevo's "Golf Trolley" is a prime example. What in our opinion shines out on kevo's racecar is his overall strategy, building a VW based vehicle, with parts from throughout the VAG group. For example, a lesser person would have used a swing axle chassis, with the expense of an adapter plate to fit the golf engine. Kevo's thought about problems before they've occured, and come up with solutions that reflect in the overall finished race car. "Necessity is the mother of invention", "Golf Trolley" is a shining example, to us all. I'm sure with fine tuning Kevo's racecar will go considerably faster.

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