Little Red Rooster

Keith with Race car The most senior member of the VWDRC still racing, Keith Gadenne, started in the "street" class in 1992. Little Red Rooster is the culmination of 8 years of gradual development. There've been low points; I can remember Keith's engine "letting go" in a big way, but he bounced back winning the "super street class at "Bug Jam" in both 1997 & 98. The "Little Red Rooster" team show the qualities that make for a winning combination both on and of the track. Keith's wife is a 100% behind her man. Simon (crew chief) puts in that extra input, that's necessary to fine tune any winning racecar. Year 2000 got off to a terrible start for 'Little Red Rooster." Team Boss Keith Gadenne fell, seriously braking his arm. Complications have meant an MRI scan. Hopefully Keith is on the road to full recovery. The team should be out testing at the Santa Pod on 25th June RWYB in anticipation for the BUG JAM. Keith with broken arm
      Starting with a stock VW floorpan, the ball joint front axle was narrowed 6ins. To the rear the standard gearbox mounts were discarded in favour of Gene Berg solid mounts, raising the gearbox 1.5ins, pre 1967 axle tubes connect to adjustable spring plates through 27mm torsion bars and type 2 bump stops. The 1973 shell features one piece flip front, glass doors with lexan windows, running boards, 3ins over stock rear wings and deck lid are also glass fibre.Beneath the 'W" bootlid lies the industrial end, starting with a type 1 gearcase,welded gusset plates retain the 3.88 ring and pinion, fixed to an aluminium spool which connects to Henry's (heavy duty) axles, 4.11 1st gear, 2.47 2nd, 1.70 3rd and 1.31 top. Quality FTC gears and mainshaft select using Liberty pro-rings. The Rooster's wake up call starts with a clearanced VW case spinning a lite-weight Scat flanged 86mm crankshaft, Carrillo con-rods moving J+E 94mm pistons slide in Auto-Craft barrels topped off with superflo cylinder heads; The tried and trusted dual 48 IDA Weber handles the air/fuel ratio; Crank trigger in conjunction with an MSD distributor work in harmony, with an MSD 6-AL ignition to bring this 2400cc motor to life. For the 2000 season Little Red Rooster have now fitted a NOS system in conjunction with a modified ignition.

Roosters Engine     Little Red Rooster at the Pod

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Bug Eyed

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Bug Catcher

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Golf Trolley

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John Rathbone's

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Big Dave

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